Jungle Jim Finds the World’s Slowest Animals

Have you heard the story about the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise, even though it is so slow wins the race! Have you ever wondered just how slow the tortoise moves and what other animals are very slow? Come with me, Jungle Jim, to discover the world’s slowest animals.


Sloths are famously slow animals. Sloths are so slow because they only eat leaves. These leaves do not give them very much energy to move around. Sloths live mostly in trees, where they can eat plenty of leaves. Because sloths are so slow, they are also home to other critters like algae, beetles and other insects. The green algae can help sloths blend into the tree. Sloths only come down from the trees once a week to go potty. This is to keep them safe from predators. Because sloths are so slow they can be easily captured by predators. The trees are the safest place to be for a sloth.

Jungle Jim Goes On An Adventure With Snow Animals

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, what kind of clothes do you need to put on to go outside? You need a coat, snow pants, a hat, mittens, wool socks, boots, and a scarf. All of that clothing works to keep you warm and dry.

Did you know there are animals that have special adaptations for living in cold and snowy places? These animals don’t need a coat to stay warm and dry! Come with me to learn more about animals that live in the snow and cold.

Polar Bears

Polar bears live in the arctic, that means the northern most part of the world. It is very icy and cold there and there is also plenty of ocean water Polar bears are excellent swimmers and live most of the time on the edges of ice. They are the biggest carnivores on land and unlike other bears they eat mostly other animals instead of vegetation like seeds and berries.

Polar bears mainly eat seals, which have a lot of fat and gives the bears plenty of warmth and energy to survive in the cold. They also have very thick fur that even covers their feet and a layer of thick fat called blubber that keeps them warm.

Unlike other bears, polar bears don’t hibernate. Only the polar bears that are going to be moms hibernate. The rest spend all year hunting and eating.

Jungle Jim Uses Binoculars To Find Animals With Amazing Eyesight

Take your hands and put your fingertips to your thumb tips to make two O’s. Put the O’s up to your eyes and now you have your very own pretend binoculars.

Binoculars are a special tool that magnify things that are far away. They make objects look closer and bigger. Many people use binoculars to look at birds and wildlife so they can see them in detail without getting too close.

There are some animals that have amazing eyesight without using a tool like binoculars. So grab your binoculars and let’s explore so that we can learn more about these incredible animals.

Jungle Jim Flies With Fun Animals

There are amazing animals all over the world that are built to fly. From giant birds of prey to tiny songbirds, these flying animals are adapted to thrive in the skies. Come with me to discover animals that fly!


The bald eagle is one of the most easily recognized birds in the United States. Their brilliant white heads and impressive wings are unmistakable, but did you know there are 60 different kinds of eagles that live all over the world? The most special thing about eagles is their eyes. Their eyes can see five more colors than humans and they can see very small animals very far away. Even animals that use camouflage are easy for an eagle to spot. They use this special skill to hunt for food. You might have heard someone say that a person with good eyesight has “eagle eyes,” now you know why!

Jungle Jim Swims With Water Creatures

There is a whole world underwater! There are so many creatures that swim, play, eat and breath underwater. Let’s put on our diving gear and go explore.


Dolphins may be some of the most lovable creatures in the sea. They are incredibly intelligent and very social. Dolphins hunt and travel in large groups called pods. They usually keep the younger dolphins in the center of the pods to help protect them from predators, such as sharks.

Even though dolphins live in water they cannot breath underwater. Dolphins must come to the surface of the water for air.

Dolphins are also known to migrate. Migrate means to travel long distances to find food or shelter. Dolphins will move around to find a place that has enough food. If an area becomes too polluted or doesn’t have enough food, a pod will not return.

Jungle Jim Discovers Animals That Are Sharp

Animals have many special ways to protect themselves. Some animals use camouflage to hide, other animals use a stinky smell to keep predators away and some are too sharp to touch. Let’s discover these sharp animals together!


When you think of sharp animals the first thing that pops up is the porcupine. There are 24 different kinds of porcupines and they live all over the world in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. One thing that all porcupines have in common are their sharp quills. Their quills are kind of like hairs but they are stiff and very sharp. If an animal touches a quill, it lets loose easily and sticks in their skin. Some quills even have barbs like a fishing hook making it very painful to take out. Ouch! Quills typically lay down flat on the porcupine, but when it senses danger they stand up straight warning predators to stay away. Quills will regrow just like hair after a porcupine looses them.

Porcupines love to eat wood. They eat twigs and bark. They will also eat fruit leaves and buds. Most porcupines are good climbers too.

Jungle Jim Goes On An Adventure With Animals In Trees

Have you ever climbed a tree? People aren’t really built for climbing trees, so it takes a lot of effort and just the right sort of tree to get up it. You have to be careful and use plenty of concentration to balance so you don’t fall out. Did you know that there are all kinds of animals that are built just right to climb and even live in trees? Come with me to discover animals that make their homes in trees!


Koalas are so cute and cuddly they are often mistaken for bears, but they are part of a different family of animals called marsupials. Marsupials all have poaches on their tummies where babies can live and grow. Kangaroos and wombats are other kinds of marsupials.

Koalas spend most of their time in eucalyptus trees and they have the perfect kind of body for living in trees. They have sharp claws and thick pads on their feet for gripping trees. They also have fingers that are shaped just right for grabbing tree branches. They have a thick pad at the bottom of their spine that lets them sit comfortably on tree branches for a long time.

Jungle Jim featured at the Boys and Girls Club

Jungle Jim meets Dash the Cheetah (learn to read sing-a-long)

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In this super fun animated music video for kids, Jungle Jim meets Scratch the Porcupine! Scratch teaches us all about porcupines and how they use their quills to protect themselves. This video is filled with fun lyrics, catchy tunes and animal fun facts that are educational for babies and young children alike. Your baby or older children can dance along to the music, so it’s a great source of exercise and our videos teach character building as well!

Fun Facts About Porcupines Lyrics
Hey I’m a Porcupine,
Don’t touch my quills
Yeah, I’m a Porcupine

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In this fun animated music video for kids, Jungle Jim and Stripes the Tiger meet Flip the Monkey! Jungle Jim learns all about monkeys and sees different types of monkeys in their natural habitat. This video is filled with fun lyrics, catchy tunes and animal fun facts that are educational for babies and young children alike. Your baby or older children can dance along to the music, so it’s a great source of exercise and our videos teach character building as well!

There’s the sound of an animal up in the trees
Who likes to be happy and is happy to please
He eats a banana which he holds with his tail
Let’s go find him, he’s up the trail