Catching Up with Jungle Jim!

Jungle Jim has been out and about exploring the jungle so much that he hasn’t had a lot of time to record all of the fun things that have been happening! Catch up with him now to see what he’s been up to and what’s going on in the jungle with his friends.

One day Jungle Jim was out exploring with Stripes the Tiger on their visit to Africa and they saw Dash the Cheetah racing with her friends. Jungle Jim asked Stripes if he wanted to join in the race, but he didn’t think he would win since cheetahs can run about 60-70 mph and tigers can only run up to 40 mph. Stripes and Dash have raced each other before and Dash always won. Stripes didn’t think he could outrun all those cheetahs.


“Have you two ever noticed you have something in common?” Jungle Jim asked Stripes.

“What’s that?” Stripes asked.

“You both have unique patterns on your fur that are used for camouflage,” Jungle Jim told Stripes.


Once Dash was finished racing with her friends she walked over to Jungle Jim and Stripes.

“Hi, Stripes! I’m so glad to see you,” Dash said with excitement.

She raised a paw to give him a high-five and Stripes said, “You’re still a very fast runner. Congratulations on winning the race!”

Jungle Jim suggested that the three of them play until sunset. So Dash and Stripes started running to race each other and let Jungle Jim take turns riding on each of their backs.


After that they all had a wonderful time playing camouflage hide-and-seek.



Dash told Stripes if he was ever visiting Africa again that he could always hangout with them and join in for a race. Since Stripes is Dash’s cousin, she said they would go on easy on him. They parted ways at sunset and Jungle Jim went back home to rest up for his next adventure.

Do you want to go on another wildlife adventure with Jungle Jim and his friends? Stay tuned for more stories about his adventures throughout the jungle.